When I play with my cat,

how do I know that she is not passing time with me rather than I with her?


From award winning breeder Lynnaes of Shropshire

British Blue Kittens Home

About the Breeder

I have five generations from my original foundation Queen Sabrina, otherwise known as Granny Cat.


Granny cat spends her days being the boss, lounging on the settee or in front of the log burner. Mommy cat Shakirra (Babe) achieved Championship status and I have now retired her to enjoy the good life with her Mom Sabrina.


All of my cats are happy and healthy and very much part of my family. I choose to breed just one litter per year at most and breed for health and disposition. I like my cats to be loving and healthy above all else.


My cats live with me in our house and the kittens when bred also live in the house and socialise with me, my family and friends and Cassie my German Shepherd and her daughter JayJay. The kittens usually end up being the boss – just the same as their Granny, Mom and Auntie!


I insist that kittens are only homed with caring, loving and responsible homes.


Please feel free to call me with any questions I am only too happy to talk about my girls (and boys).


Lynn Tibbitts – Breeder – Lynnaes British Blue Kittens

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