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When I play with my cat,

how do I know that she is not passing time with me rather than I with her?


From award winning breeder Lynnaes of Shropshire



British Blue Kitten from Lynnaes

Breeding Pedigree Kittens for Loving Owners

Why Choose a British Blue Kitten From Us?

About British Blue Kittens:


The British Blue Shorthair Cat, as its name suggests, orginates from Great Britain. They are one of the oldest breeds of cat from England.


Often featured on TV, in advertisements and on film, British Blues are very sought after and Kittens can carry huge price tags from some breeders.


These cats are quite large and stocky in appearance - well known for their strength and hunting ability. This breed of cat is usually a blue-grey colour but can be found in a number of other colours and patterns


British Blue cats are calm and easy going cats. They are also known to be quite intelligent.


Our kittens are playful, bright eyed and as mischievous as any kitten, the difference being that unlike large commercial catteries and importers, we only have one or two litters a year.  Our kittens are treated like members of the family. All our cats spend most of their time exploring their detached country home in Shropshire, or enjoying the fresh air in the purpose built cattery in our grounds.


Also, you can rest assured that a British Blue kitten from Lynnaes could be a show stopper after he or she has grown up - many of their parents have won awards at large national cat shows.


Feel free to contact us at any time to arrange a viewing or chat to us further.


Lynn Tibbitts

The small Lynnaes cattery in North Shropshire has been established for 15 years. Award winning, pedigree, short haired British Blue kittens are our speciality.


Recent success in national cat shows has allowed us to expand our cattery following our award of Champion.  We have recently shown kittens who gained their first CC (Challenge Certificates) for which we are very proud., and proves we must be doing it right!



Orders now being taken for this years kittens available to order and view now

Tel 01952 691585, mobile 07872 067422

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